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How to Print JAMB Acknowledgement Slip for 2023/2024

What exactly is the JAMB acknowledgement slip? What is its function and how important is it to candidates seeking admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions (universities, Polytechnics, COE) for the 2023/2024 academic session?

Most candidates do not know just know crucial this acknowledgement slip will be in your application for admission to a higher institution in Nigeria. Do you know how to print this slip?

Before showing you how to print the JAMB acknowledgement slip, which is also known as the Direct Entry (DE) slip, I’d love to explain its importance.

What is JAMB Acknowledgement Slip?

This slip is important for candidates applying for admission into Nigerian Universities through UTME and Direct Entry (DE). This slip contains essential information about you. Information such as your biodata, names, choice of institutions, accurate date of birth, email address, JAMB subject combinations, etc.

How To Print JAMB Acknowledge Slip Via JAMB Portal

This is an easy step-by-step guideline on how you can easily print out your JAMB acknowledgement slip through the JAMB official website without stress.

  • The first step is to visit the JAMB portal here → https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/Login and log in.
  • Ensure you use the email address you used in your JAMB registration and password to access your profile.
  • Locate the “DE examination slip” choice by scrolling down and clicking on it.
  • Enter your correct details in their appropriate boxes as required and click on Continue/Submit.
  • The JAMB acknowledgement slip will be ready to be printed out on the next page.
  • Candidates using their personal computer can connect it to a printer and select “print” to continue. If you do not have a printer, simply download it, go to a cyber cafe near you and print it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Candidates who are printing this acknowledgement slip via their smartphone should download the slip by tapping the PDF file or download button. Proceed to print it by visiting any nearby cybercafé.

How to RePrint JAMB Acknowledgement Slip For Direct Entry.

The procedure for the reprinting of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) acknowledgement slip for Direct Entry (DE) candidates can be done using this guide below.

STEP 1: Go to the JAMB portal https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/Login. Ensure your device is connected to the internet (i.e. your data is switched on).

jamb acknowledgement slip

STEP 2: Login into the JAMB profile by typing in your Email address and Password.

STEP 3: Go through your profile and search for “Reprint Document”.

STEP 4: Click on the “Reprint Document” and you will be taken to the payment page, continue with the payment process, and after a successful payment, ensure you print out the invoice.

STEP 5: Step 4 above is ONLY necessary if the JAMB portal requires an extra payment for printing your slip.

STEP 6: After confirmation of payment (if required), you’ll see the option to reprint it. However, if it does not appear, simply sign out, and sign in once more to process (reprint) the desired document.

How To Print JAMB Acknowledgement Slip via Your Email Address.

Another viable method you can use to print out your JAMB acknowledgment slip is through your email address. This method is possible because most times, JAMB has already sent you the acknowledgement slip to the email address you used for your JAMB registration.

  • Login to the email address you used for your JAMB registration, this works perfectly fine either on your mobile or laptop.
  • On the search bar located on top of your email, type in noreply@jamb.gov.ng and this will produce all emails sent from JAMB.gov.ng.
  • Go through these emails, and you’ll certainly find a linked document when you open the letter that contains your slip.
  • Simply proceed by downloading the file in PDF format to your computer or smartphone.
  • You need to print it out. Simply locate a nearby cyber cafe and ask the worker to print the slip for you.
  • I’ll recommend you print at least, five (5) of the acknowledgement slip. It will be useful during registration and verification, even in your final year.

When Can I Possibly Print Out My JAMB Acknowledgement Slip?

Candidates can only print or reprint their JAMB acknowledgement slip while JAMB registration is still ongoing.

However, once the registration period has closed, candidates no longer have access to print or reprint their acknowledgement slips. The time frame for the JAMB registration process is at least 6 weeks or 2 months.

Note that the JAMB registration deadline gives you ample time to either print or reprint your acknowledgement slip. Endeavour to print your slip while the registration is still active.

Is JAMB Acknowledgement Slip Important?


The JAMB acknowledgment slip is important to all Direct Entry (DE) candidates because it provides candidates with all the necessary information needed to be admitted into any of the higher institutions as a Direct Entry student.

It contains your complete details, and personal and institution/course choices, so you’ll know that your details are correct, and your JAMB registration was successful. Most CBT centres need it before you can enter the examination hall.

The JAMB acknowledgement slip provides all candidates with their personalized information in the JAMB database, including your JAMB registration number, the date of your examination, your centre, and your seat number. Also, you get to know the exact time for your examination.

What is the difference between a JAMB Registration Slip and a JAMB Acknowledgement Slip?

Given to a UTME candidate seeking admission into the university, polytechnic, or college. Given to a Direct Entry candidate who wants to further into the university.
Contains: A Serial number.
Reference number.
JAMB logo.
Candidate personal details.
Candidate passport photograph.
surname/first name/other names.
Date of birth.
LGA Registration details.
Registration number.
Highest qualification obtained.
Choice of institution.
It contains surname/first name/other names.
Date of birth.
Physical challenge.
Telephone number.
Examination details.
Examination centre name.
Choice of institutions.
It doesn’t contain a telephone number
Email address
UTME subjects
It doesn’t contain a reference number
Candidate serial number
Highest qualification obtained
Previous JAMB registration number

Deadline For Printing JAMB Acknowledgement Direct Entry Slip

As previously disclosed, candidates should endeavour to print out their JAMB acknowledgement slip when registration is still active. However, once the registration portal is closed, and the registration period elapsed, you can no longer print out the slip.

I’ll recommend candidates not to reprint it once it’s the deadline because it can end up being useless for the intended purpose.

All Direct Entry (DE) candidates should ensure that they immediately print out the acknowledgement slip and use it to complete the registration or admission procedure. Your ability to participate in the examination processes may be in jeopardy if you fail to print out the acknowledgement slip on time.

How Much to Print JAMB Acknowledgement Slip?

The process of reprinting of the JAMB acknowledgment slip is free on JAMB portal for both UTME and Direct entry candidates. Although most CBT centres charges between N300 – N500 to print it out for you.

Can I Reprint My JAMB Slip Anywhere Available?

Yes, it is possible to reprint this slip anywhere. It is not mandatory that you should print it in the CBT centre where you registered for the JAMB examination.

As long as you can log in to your JAMB profile, you can reprint your JAMB acknowledgement slip anywhere, including at your home if you have a printer, or at any nearby cyber café; it is not mandatory that it should be done at the CBT location where you registered for your examination.

How Can I Reprint MY JAMB Slip Without Email

Candidates who are yet to link their email to their JAMB profile can print out their JAMB acknowledgment slip without email using the simple guide below.

  • Visit the JAMB Services Portal at https://portal.jamb.gov.ng and log into your JAMB profile.
  • Select “UTME 2023/2024 Main Examination Slip” from the menu on the portal.
  • In the box provided, enter your JAMB registration number and continue.
  • Finally, on the top menu, simply select the “Print Examination Slip” from the menu

Your 2023 JAMB acknowledgement slip will be ready and available for you to print or download, depending on your choice.

I’d recommend you take this slip with you to the examination hall on your examination date because this slip contains vital details such as your examination venue and seat number.

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