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JAMB Result Checker 2023 – Jamb Online website

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is the official entrance examination board in Nigeria for the assessment of students who wish to further their education into any legal tertiary institution in Nigeria.

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The Board manages and orchestrates the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to admit students to tertiary institutions (Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, etc) for higher studies.

It is important to note here, that students who successfully scored high in the JAMB (especially above 150), will be qualified and eligible for admission to Universities, Polytechnics, and Monotechnics, either in Public Institutes or in private academic institutions.

The JAMB Offices disclosed that its main aim is enhancing the Nigerian educational sector’s academic excellence and to attain the objective of thirty-six (36) office functions in all the states of Nigeria.

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Great news, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) 2023 UTME Results has been released and published online. All candidates who sat for the screening exercise can now go online and check their results online.

Did you write the JAMB-UTME 2023 Examination and want to check your scores? Please take note that the Management has officially released the 2023 JAMB UTME Result.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Computer Based Test (CBT) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) which commenced on Saturday 29th April 2023 has been released.

This is the complete reason why all JAMB candidates are requested to provide their correct phone numbers during registration so that they will be able to receive their results via text message.

However, if you did not receive your UTME result and you entered the correct phone number during registration, please don’t worry, because the result will be sent to you in no-distance time as JAMB is releasing the results in batches.

It is very important to note here, that the jamb cbt results have been uploaded online on the Jamb portal.

How to Check JAMB CBT 2023 UTME Results Online.

Step 1. The first step is to visit the JAMB UTME e-Registration Portal here: https://slipsprinting.jamb.gov.ng/CheckUTMEResults.

jamb result checker portal login
jamb result checker portal login

Step 2. Enter your Registration Number in the empty space/blank box provided.

Step 3. Click on “Check your Results” button below the blank box you typed in your JAMB registration number.

Step 4. Click on the title “check result”, and your score will be displayed on your computer or mobile/smartphone screen.

Check 2023 JAMB CBT Result without Scratch card!

It is no longer news that The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has finally uploaded the results of candidates who participated in the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination ONLINE. And this can be done for FREE… But there is a catch.

Yes, JAMB has re-enabled the free result checking portal for 2023 UTME Candidates, unlike other years when candidates can only check their RESULT five (5) TIMES, this year, it’s 100% free and unlimited. You can check your results countless times.

How To Check 2023 JAMB CBT Result without scratch card.

This is another tutorial to help all candidates check their results without the compulsory scratch card. You can now check your jamb online result, using the jamb result checker portal, which makes it easier for you to check utme 2023 results online.

Please take note that before you’ll be able to check your JAMB CBT Result, do follow this tutorial below.

1. If you don’t have a laptop, then please go to a cybercafe, and buy “time” go to the Jamb website Here ⇒ https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/ExamSlipPrinting/CheckUTMEResults.

2. Visit the jamb result checker portal and follow the guidelines to check your result.

3. Then proceed and ask the cafe operator to print out your result slip.

Important Note:

Please take note that the result you’ll be printing, is not your original Jamb slip, the original comes with a Passport and other personal details, which are the details you filled in, while registering for the cbt examination.

For “No Result Yet” Jamb Candidates

For candidates who are experiencing no result yet, and took part in the current ongoing Jamb 2023 UTME and you have not received your results via SMS, and when you check via the JAMB website online, your result is nowhere to be found. There are several reasons why your result isn’t released yet.

Please take note that one of the main reasons why your result is yet to be uploaded is because the JAMB engineers are still uploading the results online, so we advise you to check the portal over and over again.

How To Check the JAMB Result 2023 Online.

if you have not received a text message of your result/scores and performance from the board, here’s an alternative modus operandi you can use to check yours via the jamb website and it’s even better because you can also print out your slip for free.

This guideline is for candidates who are yet to receive their result via SMS, please follow the steps below to check the 2023 JAMB UTME result:

  • Visit the Jamb result checking portal – portal.jamb.gov.ng
  • When the portal loads up, click on the “Check your Results” tab.
  • When the website loads up, enter your Registration Number in the space provided,
  • Then click the “Check Result” button to check your scores and full subject performance.

How To Check The 2023 JAMB UTME Result FREE

It is necessary to note here, that all participants who sat for the JAMB CBT Exams can now check their scores on the portal for FREE without the required e-Bundle PIN using JAMB e-Facility Apps.

How To Check JAMB Result Without a Scratch Card

i) For Android Users: All Android users can simply download the jamb mobile service app on their mobile phone, which will enable them to check their scores for free.

All you are required to do is browse the Google play store on your android mobile phones, then download the JAMB Mobile Services e-Facility and check your Result for free.

ii)For Windows Mobile Users: For Microsoft users, visit the Windows App Store on your device. Then go to the search bar, and search for the JAMB Mobile Services e-Facility, install it on your mobile phone and proceed, to check your Result with it.

Check Jamb CBT 2023 Results Online FREE!

This is a piece of very important and groundbreaking news for candidates who did not receive their Jamb score to their phone numbers! You can proceed and check the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board portal, because JAMB has Re-open Free Result Checking Portal For 2023 Candidates, so you can now check your scores for free.

Please take note that the latest report reaching the jambcbtresult.com portal today is that The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has officially re-open the free results checking portal for the 1.4 million candidates who sat for the UTME exams, making it easy so they can now access/check their JAMB CBT Result online!

So, therefore, all UTME candidates who are yet to check their results due to network problems, or wrong phone numbers, can now use the methods shared on this page to check their results.

The JAMB CBT UTME e-Registration Portal 2023 was shut down on the 30th of March. All candidates who wrote the examination right from Saturday 29th April 2023 – Monday, 12th, May 2023, can now check their results online for FREE.

The good news about this is; that you do not need any JAMB SCRATCH CARD to check your result for the main time. It is FREE for the main time, thanks to JAMB. Please proceed and follow the steps below on how to check your Jamb CBT Results online.

Check 2023 JAMB CBT result online for free here.

This title said it all, during the release of the first batch of the utme results, the board made it impossible for candidates to check the JAMB result for free, and the main reason was that the JAMB board deactivated the portal, while the only viable source of checking your result is via SMS only.

But this didn’t solve the issue, as several candidates are claiming that their scores given to them by jamb is much lower than their expected scores. This became the main reason why the JAMB re-activated the portal today.

Take note that JAMB has finally re-enabled its free result checking portal, giving participants, the ability to check their results online without the need for a scratch card.

Before you can access YOUR result, take note that you will be required to enter your correct JAMB registration number.

How To Check UTME JAMB Result 2023.

We are releasing several methods on how you can check the cbt result. Today, we are happy to inform all candidates, that the results of the UTME Computer-based examination have been released, a few hours after the tests.

All participants who sat for the test, can now check the utme scores online for all subjects they sat for. Please take note that the JAMB CBT results will also be sent to candidate’s phone numbers via SMS.

How to check JAMB CBT Result 2023 Online.

For all candidates who wish to check their UTME CBT Result, you are to visit the JAMB CBT Result checker website by following the Recommended Method below.

Firstly, you are to visit the JAMB result-checker at portal.jamb.gov.ng and fill in the required information as shown below;

how to check Jamb result

  • When the portal loads up, proceed and type in your JAMB Reg. Number /email ID in the blank column provided as shown in the page above.
  • Lastly, click the “Check Result” button to check your result.

Must-Read Information

You’ve checked your result, right? You know your scores and you are now at the point of determining your chances of getting admission into your course and institution of choice.

Your score determines your qualifications for admission into your chosen institution. So if your score reached or is above your school cut’s off mark, then good luck. But if you scored below your school cut-off marks, then we’ll advise you, to immediately go for the change of course and institution form before it’s too late.

How to Check Your 2023 JAMB UTME Result for Free

This might seems like a crazy idea, but are you aware, that you can beat the jamb 5-time maximum free result checking, and rather, check your scores more than a thousand times? Well, jambcbtresult.org got you covered. Here is how you can check the JAMB UTME Result 1000 times for free!

This modus operandi and strategy is simple and works magic.

Here’s how it works!

To check the 2023 UTME results online, simply go to www.jamb.gov.ng.

Now, when you get to the page, the next step you should take is to select the “Check your Results” option,

Then enter your registration number where required and then click ‘Check Result”.

You can use this strategy and check your result without any problem, and we’ve tried it successfully.