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UNIUYO Cut off Mark For all Courses and Departments for 2021/2022

Uniuyo course cut off mark

JAMB Cut off Marks

UNIUYO Cut off Mark For all Courses and Departments for 2021/2022

The University of Uyo is one of Nigeria’s prestigious academic institutions, which the country is proud to associates with. Producing great alumnus, it is no surprise that this academic institution has lots of candidates choosing it as their preferred academic institution during their JAMB UTME Registration.

Today on, I will be sharing with you, the Uniuyo cut off mark for all courses and departments.

UNIUYO Departmental Cut off Mark 2021.

Before sharing with you the Uniuyo departmental cut off marks, I should inform you, that the University of Uyo does not really have a specific cut off mark for all courses. The uniuyo cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery is quite different from the Uniuyo cut off mark for Law. As you can see, there is no specific cut off point for all Courses and departments.

However, candidates who have scored a minimum of 180 in UTME examination, are qualified and eligible to apply for admission into any of their choice courses.

Notice about Uniuyo Admission.

It is no hidden secret, that the University of Uyo has quite a large number of applicants. So due to the high number of aspiring students who aim to study in the University of Uyo, the admission processes are very competitive and admissions are given based solely on your jamb scores.

This means, even if you scored 180 in your jamb result, and want to study Engineering. However, if there are others who scored 200, they’ve got a higher chance of getting admitted, compared to your chance. The higher the chances of being admitted.

Below are courses offered in the Uniuyo and their cut off mark

Uniuyo cut off mark

Faculty of Environmental Studies.

Faculty of Arts  
Communication Arts 180)
English 182)
Efik/Ibibio 182),
French 182)
History & Intl. Studies 180)
Linguistics 180)
Music 180)
Philosophy 180)
Religious & Cultural Studies 181)
Theatre Arts 180)
Faculty of Social Sciences  
Economics 181),
Geography & Regional Planning 189),
Political Science and Public Administration 186),
Sociology & Anthropology 180),
Psychology 180)
Faculty of Business Administration  
Accounting 180)
Banking and Finance 181)
Business Management 185)
Insurance 181)
Marketing 180)
Faculty of Business Administration  
Accounting Ed. 180),
Fine Arts Ed. 180),
History Ed. 183),
Political Science Ed. 183),
Social Studies Ed. 182),
French Ed. 194),
Education and Social Science 180),
Econs Ed. 183),
English Ed. 181),
Geography Ed. 181),
Religion Ed. 190),
Edu. Arts 180),
Guidance and Counseling 181),
Efik/Ibibio Ed. 226),
Library Science 180),
Pre- primary & Primary Ed. 181),
Special Ed. 185)
Faculty of Law  
Law 228)
Faculty of Agriculture  
Agric. Economics & Extension 180),
Animal Science 180)
Crop Science 180),
Fisheries & Aquaculture 180)
Food Science & Technology 180),
Forestry & Wildlife 184)
Home Economics 180),
Soil Science 183)
Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences  
Biochemistry 180)
Botany & Ecological Studies 180)
Faculty of Clinical Sciences  
Medicine and Surgery MBBS) – 227)
Physiology 182)
Faculty of Pharmacy  
Pharmacy 196)
Human Anatomy 182)
Faculty of Science/Basic Medical Sciences  
Microbiology 180),
Human Anatomy 182)
Faculty of Science
Zoology – 183),
Chemistry 180)
Computer Science 180) ,
Mathematics 181)
Physics 181) ,
Statistics 180),
Technical Edu 180)
Geo informatics & Surveying 181)
Urban & Regional Planning 180)
Building 180)
Estate Management 182)
Architecture 180)
Quantity Surveying 180)
Faculty of Engineering
Petroleum Engineering 186)
Agricultural Engineering 180)

Important Note on Uniuyo Cut off Mark 2021.

I decided to publish this cut off points in Plain text, as the above is published in a table format, Some mobile devices may not be able to arrange the table probably. So below is each course and their cut off marks.

Uniuyo course cut off mark

Faculty of Arts.

  • Communication Arts (180)
  • English(182)
  • Efik/Ibibio (182),
  • French (182)
  • History & Intl. Studies (180)
  • Linguistics (180)
  • Music (180)
  • Philosophy (180)
  • Religious & Cultural Studies (181)
  • Theatre Arts (180)

Faculty of Social Sciences.

  • Economics (181),
  • Geography & Regional Planning (189),
  • Political Science and Public Administration (186),
  • Sociology & Anthropology (180),
  • Psychology (180)

Faculty of Business Administration.

  • Accounting (180)
  • Banking and Finance (181)
  • Business Management (185)
  • Insurance (181)
  • Marketing (180)

Faculty of Business Administration.

  • Accounting Ed. (180),
  • Fine Arts Ed. (180),
  • History Ed. (183),
  • Political Science Ed. (183),
  • Social Studies Ed. (182),
  • French Ed. (194),
  • Education and Social Science(180),
  • Econs Ed. (183),
  • English Ed. (181),
  • Geography Ed. (181),
  • Religion Ed. (190),
  • Edu. Arts (180),
  • Guidance and Counseling ((181),
  • Efik/Ibibio Ed. (226),
  • Library Science (180),
  • Pre- primary & Primary Ed.(181),
  • Special Ed. (185)

Faculty of Law.

  • Law (228)

Faculty of Agriculture.

Agric. Economics & Extension (180),
Animal Science (180)
Crop Science (180),
Fisheries & Aquaculture (180)
Food Science & Technology (180),
Forestry & Wildlife (184)
Home Economics (180),
Soil Science (183)

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.

Biochemistry (180)
Botany & Ecological Studies (180)

Faculty of Clinical Sciences.

Faculty of Pharmacy.

  • Pharmacy (196)
  • Human Anatomy (182)

Faculty of Science/Basic Medical Sciences.

  • Microbiology (180),
  • Human Anatomy (182)

Faculty of Science.

  • Zoology – (183),
  • Chemistry (180)
  • Computer Science (180)
  • Mathematics (181)
  • Physics (181)
  • Statistics (180),
  • Technical Edu (180)

Faculty of Environmental Studies.

Geoinformatics & Surveying (181)
Urban & Regional Planning (180)
Building (180)
Estate Management (182)
Architecture (180)
Quantity Surveying (180)

Faculty of Engineering.

  • Petroleum Engineering (186)
  • Agricultural Engineering (180)

UNIUYO Address and Locations.

DO you have any question, Inquiries regarding the University of Uyo? Then here are their contact details.

The University of Uyo is located in the heart of the town of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria. The school has mainly three campuses in Uyo.

  1. The University of Uyo main Campus, Ikpa Road.
  2. The University of Uyo annex campus, Ikpa Road/Ikot Ekpene Road.
  3. The University of Uyo Permanent site, Nwaniba Road.

However, this institution does have a permanent site, which plays hosts to mainly the Engineering and Faculty of science.  In addition to this, the campus also has the administrative block of the school.

The University of Uyo town Campus hosts mainly the faculty of Arts and Social Science. It remains the oldest campus of the school taking after the erstwhile Cross River State University.

You should also be aware, that the University of Uyo Annex campus has mainly the following faculties;

  • Faculty of Law,
  • Faculty of business administration.

This campus is adjacent to the main gate of the school’s town campus.

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