uniben postgraduate school admission requirement

UNIBEN Postgraduate for 2023 – Courses Offered, Registration Requirements and Admission Process

The University of Benin (UNIBEN) offers a wide range of postgraduate courses for all eligible candidates suitable for Nigerians and foreigners seeking admission into this academic citadel.

Candidates seeking admission to study in the UNIBEN Postgraduate school must meet some criteria before they can be eligible to apply for admission into the UNIBEN postgraduate school for the 2023/2024 academic session.

The University of Benin management is currently inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the following Postgraduate programmes leading to the award of the following:

  • Postgraduate Diploma,
  • Master’s degree,
  • Master of Philosophy,
  • Doctor of Philosophy.

in the University of Benin for the 2023/2024 academic session.

How much is the University of Benin Postgraduate School Fees in 2023?

The University of Benin (UNIBEN) Postgraduate school fees for the 2023/2024 are not general. The cost of attending the UNIBEN graduate school varies, depending on the program. UNIBEN’s postgraduate school fees for new students range from 100,000 to 250,000 Naira per semester. The UNIBEN postgraduate Acceptance fee is not included in the school fees.


Requirements for candidates seeking Admission into various programs offered by the University of Benin Postgraduate School vary. There is a general requirement, and of course, a specific requirement per course.

The Admission requirements apply uniformly across all faculties, but there are some minor/added requirements for each Faculty Admission, and this is included on this page.

To qualify for the entrance examinations into the various Postgraduate Studies offered by the UNIBEN Postgraduate school, the candidate must satisfy the stated general and specific requirements for admission.

UNIBEN Postgraduate Admission Requirement (General).

The following are the requirements expected from every candidate seeking admission into the postgraduate school of the University of Benin:

  • Candidate must have obtained at least five (5) credits in WASC, NECO, and GCE (ordinary level or their equivalents,) Take note that it is mandatory that you must have a credit pass in Maths and English.
  • Applying candidates must have at least, four (4) credits of Ordinary level plus OND (not pass), NCE, IJMB or advanced level passes.
  • Applicant must be a holder of a Pass (Degree/Diploma) and is not qualified for admission into any of the University of Benin postgraduate programmes. In addition, all holders of 3rd class degrees must possess PGD to be considered for admission into the UNIBEN Postgraduate school Masters’s programmes.
  • Candidates who obtained a Master’s degree but with a Weighted Average Score (WAS) between 55.0-59% can only be considered for admission into the M.Phil programme in the first instance.
  • Applicants applying for PhD in any of the University of Benin Postgraduate school programmes must have obtained a weighted average score of 60% or letter grade ‘B’ average in the Masters degree.
  • Applicants seeking admission and applying for the PhD with a Master’s degree from any other University who in his/her Master’s study has not previously taken the compulsory courses or their equivalents similar to the ones in the University of Benin shall on admission be required to offer and pass such courses with a minimum of 60% or letter grade ‘B’.
  • Finally, the postgraduate school have a degreed that only students who have presented the NYSC discharge, exemption, or exclusion certificate can be allowed to clear into the different courses.


All applications should be concluded on or before Midnight on the 31st of August 2023. (This is for the 2023 section). While Candidates applying for the UNIBEN postgraduate school for 2024 should take note that the Application portal will close before the 31st of August 2024.

The procedure for application is as follows:

    • The first step is to visit the official UNIBEN portal at www.uniben.edu Or waeup.uniben.edu
    • On the UNIBEN.EDU SITE, Proceed and select Student Portal; Then Click on the Waeup Portal.
      Candidates applying for UNIBEN Postgraduate school are advised to have a valid e-mail account before commencing the registration process (Please note: – not the cybercafe’s email, your personal email account, Gmail or Yahoo mail you can easily access anytime).
    • Next, click on Postgraduate Programmes Applications 2023/2024 (ALL PG APPLICATIONS)
    • On this page, you’ll see a Register for Application button at the top left of the displayed page, click on it to proceed with your registration.

Uniben postgraduate school WAeUP.Kofa - Student Management System

    • This will lead you to a page (shown in the image above), all you have to do, is provide all the necessary information. Note that * means compulsory fields, you must fill in the information on that page.
    • After filling in the information required of you, click on the “Send Login Credentials to Email Address” button and a mail will be sent to the provided e-mail address.
    • Open your mail to get your system-generated ID and Password that you will use to login to the UNIBEN Kofa site.
    • On uniben.waeup.org click on ‘Login’ (top right of the front page).
    • Type in the username and the password sent to your email and click on Login, to proceed.
    • To start the application process, please click on ‘Edit application record‘. Make sure you provide all the required information and upload a passport photograph of you.
    • Upload a clear 1” x 1” COLOURED passport photograph. It is mandatory that the Passport photograph must be taken on a red background in JPEG format only. IMPORTANT NOTE: This photograph uploaded will be the only valid ID for all candidates offered admission throughout their stay at the University of Benin Postgraduate School. FAILURE TO UPLOAD THE SPECIFIED PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH WILL LEAD TO DISQUALIFICATION AND FAILURE/FORFEITURE OF ADMISSION EVEN IF YOUR NAME APPEARED ON THE ADMISSION LIST.
    • To pay for the Registration, click on “Add Online Payment Ticket” at the bottom of the page, then click on “Pay with Remita” on the top left corner of the page, and proceed by following the instructions to pay the application fee with an ATM-Enabled Verve or MasterCard from any Nigeria Commercial Bank.
    • Finally, make sure you go through the information you provide and that they are all correct before you submit your application on-line.
    • Print out the Application slip.

Important Tips.

Candidates should be aware that they are not allowed to edit their application after submission. This is why it is important that you go through your application before submitting it. Finally, ensure you print out the Application slip as confirmation. It is mandatory and important.


Admission into various programmes shall be communicated to candidates at the set time through the email they provided during their registration.

UNIBEN Postgraduate Courses 2023.

The University of Benin (UNIBEN) postgraduate school have over 650 courses available for candidates seeking admission into the institution for their Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s degree, Master of Philosophy, and Doctor of Philosophy.

  1. Master of Laws
  2. Administration/Management (M.A. Arts)
  3. Administration/Management (M.A. Arts)
  4. African Linguistics (M.A.)
  5. African Literature (M.A.)
  6. African Oral Literature (M.A.)
  7. Applied Linguistics (M.A.)
  8. Art History (M.A.)
  9. Caribbean Literature (M.A.)
  10. Comparative Literature (M.A.)
  11. Dramatic Theory and Criticism (M.A.)
  12. Dramatic Theory and Criticism (M.A.)
  13. ED English (M.A.)
  14. Ed. Social Studies (M.A.)
  15. English Language (M.A.)
  16. French Language (M.A.)
  17. French Literature (M.A.)
  18. Historical/Comparative Linguistics (M.A.)
  19. History (M.A.)
  20. International History and Diplomacy (M.A.)
  21. Literature in English (M.A.)
  22. Literary Stylistics (M.A.)
  23. Mass Communication (M.A.)
  24. Music and Dance (M.A.)
  25. Music and Dance (M.A.)
  26. Phonology (M.A.)
  27. Psycholinguistics (M.A.)
  28. Performance Theory and Praxis (M.A.)
  29. Performance Theory and Praxis (M.A.)
  30. Semantics (M.A.)
  31. Sociolinguistics (M.A.)
  32. Syntax (M.A.)
  33. Theory and Criticism of the Arts (M.A.)
  34. Theory and Criticism of the Arts (M.A.)
  35. Theatre Arts (M.A.)
  36. Translation Studies (M.A.)
  37. Master in Banking and Finance (BNK)
  38. Business Education (Accounting) (M.Ed.)
  39. Biology Education (M.Sc. Ed.)
  40. Office Technology And Management (M.Sc. Ed.)
  41. Business Education (M.Sc. Ed.)
  42. Community Health (M.Sc. Ed.)
  43. Chemistry Education (M.Sc. Ed.)
  44. Counselling Psychology (M.Sc. Ed.)
  45. Educational Administration and Foundation (M.Ed.)
  46. Educational Foundation (M.Ed.)
  47. Educational Philosophy (M.Ed.)
  48. Educational Management (M.Ed.)
  49. History Of Education (M.Ed.)
  50. Home Economics (M.Ed.)
  51. Health Education(Environmental and Safety Education) (M.Sc. Ed.)
  52. Health Education(School Health Education) (M.Sc. Ed.)
  53. Home Economics (M.Ed.)
  54. Mathematics Education (M.Sc. Ed.)
  55. Rural and Community Development (M.Ed.)
  56. Sociology of Education (M.Ed.)
  57. Social Studies (M.Sc. Ed.)
  58. Technical Education (M.Ed.)
  59. Technical Education(Electrical and Electronics Technology) (M.Ed.)
  60. Technical Education(Mechanical Technology) (M.Ed.)
  61. Technical Education(Woodwork and Building Technology) (M.Ed.)
  62. Women Education (M.Ed.)
  63. Civil Engineering(Engineering Structures and Technology) (M.Eng.)
  64. Chemical Engineering (M.Eng.)
  65. Master in Engineering (Computer Engineering)
  66. Civil (Transport and Highway Engineering) (M.Eng.)
  68. Production Engineering (Engineering Management) (M.Eng.)
  69. Geotechnical Engineering (M.Eng.)
  70. Mechanical Engineering(Applied Energy) (M.Eng.)
  71. Mechanical Engineering(Advanced Fluid Mechanics) (M.Eng.)
  72. Mechanical Engineering(Design And Manufacture) (M.Eng.)
  73. Mechanical Engineering(Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management) (M.Eng.)
  74. Mechanical Engineering(Refrigeration And Air Conditioning) (M.Eng.)
  75. Mechanical Engineering(Thermal Power Engineering) (M.Eng.)
  76. Petroleum Engineering (M.Eng.)
  77. Production Engineering(Industrial Engineering) (M.Eng.)
  78. Production Engineering(Manufacturing Engineering) (M.Eng.)
  79. Water Resources and Environmental Health Engineering (M.Eng.)
  80. Masters in Fine and Applied Arts
  81. Advertising (MFA)
  82. Ceramics (MFA)
  83. Painting (MFA)
  84. Printmaking (MFA)
  85. Sculpture (MFA)
  86. Textile/ Fashion (MFA)
  87. Masters in Health Planning and Management
  88. Master of International Law and Security
  89. Masters in Nephrology
  90. Master in Public Administration
  91. Master in Public Administration FT
  92. Analytical Chemistry (M.Phil)
  93. Applied Geochemistry (M.Phil)
  94. Animal Science (Monogastric Nutrition and Mgt.) (M.Phil)
  95. African Oral Literature (M.Phil)
  96. Applied Mathematics (M.Phil)
  97. Biochemistry (M.Phil)
  99. Biogeography (M.Phil)
  100. Biosystematics (M.Phil)
  101. Biotechnology (M.Phil)
  102. Biophysics/Medical Physics/Biomechanics (M.Phil)
  103. Biology Of Parasitic Flowering Plants (M.Phil)
  104. Controlled Drug Delivery (M.Phil)
  105. Comparative Education (M.Phil)
  106. Cell Biology (M.Phil)
  107. Chemistry (M.Phil)
  108. Criminology (M.Phil)
  109. Climatology (M.Phil)
  110. Computer Science (M.Phil)
  111. Coating Of Solid Dosage Forms (M.Phil)
  112. EthnoBiochemistry (M.Phil)
  113. Economic Geology (M.Phil)
  114. Ecology (M.Phil)
  115. Econometrics (M.Phil)
  116. Educational Foundation (M.Phil)
  117. Educational Management (M.Phil)
  118. Educational Philosophy (M.Phil)
  119. Electronics (M.Phil)
  120. Engineering Geology (M.Phil)
  121. English Language (M.Phil)
  122. Environmental Plant Physiology (M.Phil)
  123. Geophysics/Exploration Geophysics (M.Phil)
  124. Genetics (M.Phil)
  125. Geomorphology (M.Phil)
  126. Geoinformatics (M.Phil)
  127. Geology (M.Phil)
  128. Art Administration/Theatre Management (M.Phil)
  129. M.Pharm. Clinical Phar-macy/Pharm. Practice
  130. Animal Science (Reproductive Physiology and Artificial Insemination) (M.Phil)
  131. Master of Phar-macy
  132. Clinical Pharmacokinetics (M.Pharm.)
  133. Clinical Pharmacokinetic (M.Pharm.)
  134. Colour Chemistry (M.Phil)
  135. Dramatic Theory and Criticism (M.Phil)
  136. History Of Education (M.Phil)
  137. Masters of Public Health Edu. (Community Health)
  138. Masters of Public Health Edu. (Environmental Health)
  139. Environmental Chemistry (M.Phil)
  140. Environmental Economics (M.Phil)
  141. Food Chemistry (M.Phil)
  142. Health Economics (M.Phil)
  143. Inorganic Chemistry (M.Phil)
  144. African Literature (M.Phil)
  145. Animal Pathogenic Microbiology (M.Phil)
  146. Brewing Science (M.Phil)
  147. Business Administration (M.Phil)
  148. Med Lab Science (Clinical Chemistry) (M.Phil)
  149. Clinical Pharmacology (M.Phil)
  150. Curriculum Studies (M.Phil)
  151. (Educational Administration) (M.Phil)
  152. Environmental and Public Health Micro. (M.Phil)
  153. Environmental Chemistry (M.Phil)
  154. Food and Industrial Microbiology (M.Phil)
  155. Med Lab Science (Histopathology/Cytopathology) (M.Phil)
  156. Med Lab Science (Hematology and Transfusion Science) (M.Phil)
  157. Med Lab Science (Immunology and Immunochemistry) (M.Phil)
  158. Immunology and Immunochemistry (M.Phil)
  159. Instructional Technology (M.Phil)
  160. Linguistics and African Languages (M.Phil)
  161. Med Lab Science (Medical Bacteriology/Mycology) (M.Phil)
  162. Microbiology (M.Phil)
  163. Medical Laboratory Science (M.Phil)
  164. Med Lab Science (Medical Molecular Biology) (M.Phil)
  165. Med Lab Science (Medical Parasitology) (M.Phil)
  166. Med Lab Science (Medical Virology) (M.Phil)
  167. Pharmacognosy (M.Phil)
  168. Physics (M.Phil)
  169. Production Engineering (Industrial Engineering) (M.Phil)
  170. Plant Pathogenic Microbiology (M.Phil)
  171. Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology (M.Phil)
  172. Population Studies (M.Phil)
  173. Pharmacology and Toxicology (M.Phil)
  174. Social Studies Education (M.Phil)
  175. Medical Chemistry (M.Phil)
  176. Media/Communications (M.Phil)
  177. Mineral Processing (M.Phil)
  178. Music And Dance (M.Phil)
  179. Organic Chemistry (M.Phil)
  180. Petroleum Economics (M.Phil)
  181. Physical Chemistry (M.Phil)
  182. Polymer Science (M.Phil)
  183. Performance Theory and Praxis (M.Phil)
  184. Powder/Tableting Technology (M.Phil)
  185. Masters in Public Health (Reproductive Health)
  186. Solution and Gas Kinetics (M.Phil)
  187. Theory and Criticism of Art (M.Phil)
  188. Textile Chem. (M.Phil)
  189. Hydrology And Water Resource Management (M.Phil)
  190. Industrial Maths (M.Phil)
  191. Industrial Sociology and Labour Relations (M.Phil)
  192. International Trade And Finance (M.Phil)
  193. Limnology And Agrology (M.Phil)
  194. Demography and Pop. Studies (M.Phil)
  195. Labour Economics (M.Phil)
  196. Globalization And Development Studies (M.Phil)
  197. Literature in English (M.Phil)
  198. Medical And Clinical Biochemistry (M.Phil)
  199. Mineral Exploration (M.Phil)
  200. Metallurgy/Material Science/Solar Energy (M.Phil)
  201. Mycology/Plant Pathology (M.Phil)
  202. Pure Mathematics (M.Phil)
  203. Monetary Theory And Policy (M.Phil)
  204. Nutrition And Food Chemistry (M.Phil)
  205. Plant Biochemistry (M.Phil)
  206. Protein Chemistry And Enzymology (M.Phil)
  207. Plant Diversity And Conservation (M.Phil)
  208. Packaging And Drug Interaction (M.Phil)
  209. Petroleum Geology (M.Phil)
  210. Political Geography (M.Phil)
  211. Phytomedicine (M.Phil)
  212. Palynology/Micropaleontology (M.Phil)
  213. Plant Physiology And Biochemistry (M.Phil)
  214. Public Sector Economics (M.Phil)
  215. Pharmacology and Toxicology (M.Phil)
  216. Pharmacology and Toxicology (M.Phil)
  217. Rheological Studies Of Liquid And SemiSolid Formulations (M.Phil)
  218. Sourcing And Assessment Of Local Pharmaceutical Raw Materials (M.Phil)
  219. Sociology Of Education (M.Phil)
  220. Sedimentology/ Geology (M.Phil)
  221. Social Psychology (M.Phil)
  222. Stability Studies (M.Phil)
  223. Social Work (M.Phil)
  224. Toxicology And Environmental Biochemistry (M.Phil)
  225. Transportation Geography (M.Phil)
  226. Theatre Arts (M.Phil)
  227. Theoretical/Mathematical Physics (M.Phil)
  228. Urban Geography And Regional Planning (M.Phil)
  229. Animal Science (Animal Breeding and Genetics) (M.Sc)
  230. Animal Science (Animal Breeding and Genetics) (M.Sc)
  231. Animal Science (Agric. Biochemistry and Nutrition) (M.Sc)
  232. Animal Science (Agric. Biochemistry and Nutrition) (M.Sc)
  233. Analytical Chemistry (M.Sc)
  234. Animal and Environmental Biology (M.Sc)
  235. Animal and Environmental Biology (Entomology) (M.Sc)
  236. Animal and Environmental Biology (Hydrobiology and Fish Biology) (M.Sc)
  237. Animal and Environmental Biology (Parasitology) (M.Sc)
  238. Animal and Environmental Biology (Physiology/Ecotoxicology) (M.Sc)
  239. Animal and Environmental Biology (Wildlife Ecology) (M.Sc)
  240. Agricultural Economics (M.Sc)
  241. Agricultural Economics Part Time (M.Sc)
  242. Agricultural Extension Services (M.Sc)
  243. Agricultural Extension Services Part Time (M.Sc)
  244. Agro-Forestry (M.Sc)
  245. Applied Mathematics (M.Sc)
  246. Anatomy (M.Sc)
  247. Animal Science (Animal Production and Management) (M.Sc)
  248. Animal Science (Animal Production and Management) (M.Sc)
  249. Animal Science (Pasture and Range Management) (M.Sc)
  250. Animal Science (Pasture and Range Management) (M.Sc)
  251. Animal Science (Animal Product, Science and Tech.) (M.Sc)
  252. Animal Science (Animal Product, Science and Tech.) (M.Sc)
  253. Animal Science (Animal Physiology) (M.Sc)
  254. Animal Science (Animal Physiology) (M.Sc)
  255. Animal Science (M.Sc)
  256. Applied Petroleum Geology (M.Sc)
  257. Animal Pathogenic Microbiology (M.Sc)
  258. Aquaculture (M.Sc)
  259. Crop Science (Biotechnology) (M.Sc)
  260. Biochemistry (M.Sc)
  261. Environmental. Quality Mgt. (Biodiversity and Conservation) (M.Sc)
  262. Biogeography (M.Sc)
  263. Biosystematics (M.Sc)
  264. Biophysics/Medical Physics/Biomechanics (M.Sc)
  265. Biology Of Parasitic Flowering Plants (M.Sc)
  266. Brewing Science (M.Sc)
  267. Biostratigraphy (M.Sc)
  268. Colour Chemistry (M.Sc)
  269. Cell Biology (M.Sc)
  270. Masters in  Community Health Education
  271. M.Sc. Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry (M.Sc)
  272. M.Sc. Comparative Politics and Development Studies (M.Sc)
  273. M.Sc. Crop Protection (Entomology) (M.Sc)
  274. M.Sc. Crop Physiology and Farming System (M.Sc)
  275. M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacology (M.Sc)
  276. M.Sc. Crop Protection (Phytopathology) (M.Sc)
  277. M.Sc. Crop Protection (Weed Science) (M.Sc)
  278. M.Sc. Crop Science (Crop Breeding and Genetics) (M.Sc)
  279. M.Sc. Criminology (M.Sc)
  280. M.Sc. Crop Science (Horticulture and Landscape Design) (M.Sc)
  281. M.Sc. Crop Science (M.Sc)
  282. M.Sc. Computer Science (M.Sc)
  283. M.Sc. Social Psychology (M.Sc)
  284. M.Sc. Cardiovascular Pharmacology (M.Sc)
  285. M.Sc. Development Economics (M.Sc)
  286. M.Sc. Demography and Population Studies (M.Sc)
  287. M.Sc. Economics (M.Sc)
  288. M.Sc. Ecology (M.Sc)
  289. M.Sc. Econometrics (M.Sc)
  290. M.Sc. Human Kinetics (M.Sc)
  291. M.Sc. Electronics (M.Sc)
  292. M.Sc. Production Engineering(Engineering Management) (M.Sc)
  293. M.Sc. Climatology (M.Sc)
  294. M.Sc. Environmental Microbiology (M.Sc)
  295. M.Sc. Ethnomedicine (M.Sc)
  296. M.Sc. Engineering Geology (M.Sc)
  297. M.Sc. Environmental Geoscience (M.Sc)
  298. M.Sc. Environmental and Public Health Micro. (M.Sc)
  299. M.Sc. Environmental Plant Physiology (M.Sc)
  300. M.Sc. Env. Quality Management (Pollution Studies and Ecotoxicology) (M.Sc)
  301. M.Sc. Envir. Quality Management PT (M.Sc)
  302. M.Sc. Environmental Chemistry (M.Sc)
  303. M.Sc. Environmental Economics (M.Sc)
  304. M.Sc. Food Chemistry (M.Sc)
  305. M.Sc. Fisheries Economics (M.Sc)
  306. M.Sc. Forest Ecology and Rehabilitation (M.Sc)
  307. M.Sc. Food and Industrial Microbiology (M.Sc)
  308. M.Sc. Finance (M.Sc)
  309. M.Sc. Geomorphology (M.Sc)
  310. M.Sc. Global Business Management (M.Sc)
  311. M.Sc. Globalization and Dev Studies. (M.Sc)
  312. M.Sc. Geophysics/Exploration Geophysics (M.Sc)
  313. M.Sc. Genetics (M.Sc)
  314. M.Sc. Geography (Environmental Mgt. and Assessment) (M.Sc)
  315. M.Sc. Geography (Geoinformatics) (M.Sc)
  316. M.Sc. Geography (Population Studies) (M.Sc)
  317. M.Sc. Geography (Rural Land Resource Mgt.) (M.Sc)
  318. M.Sc. Geoinformatics (M.Sc)
  319. M.Sc. Geology (M.Sc)
  320. M.Sc.(Ed) Health Education (M.Sc)
  321. Masters in Health Economics (M.Sc)
  322. Human Resource Management (M.Sc)
  323. Health Economics (M.Sc)
  324. Hydrology And Water Resource Management (M.Sc)
  325. Hydrogeology (M.Sc)
  326. Hydrobiology and Fish Biology (M.Sc)
  327. Industrial/Applied Microbiology (M.Sc)
  328. Inorganic Chemistry (M.Sc)
  329. Inhibition and Destruction Of Micro-Organisms (M.Sc)
  330. Immunology and Immunochemistry (M.Sc)
  331. Industrial Mathematics (M.Sc)
  332. International Relations (M.Sc)
  333. Industrial Sociology and Labour Relations (M.Sc)
  334. International Trade And Finance (M.Sc)
  335. Limnology and Agrology (M.Sc)
  336. Labour Economics (M.Sc)
  337. Medical Chemistry (M.Sc)
  338. Microbiology (M.Sc)
  339. Mineral Exploration (M.Sc)
  340. Medical Laboratory Science (M.Sc)
  341. Med Lab Science (Clinical Chemistry) (M.Sc)
  342. Med Lab Science (Environmental and Public Health) (M.Sc)
  343. Med Lab Science (Histopathology/Cytopathology) (M.Sc)
  344. Med Lab Science (Haematology and Transfusion Science) (M.Sc)
  345. Med Lab Science (Immunology and Immunochemistry) (M.Sc)
  346. Med Lab Science (Medical Bacteriology/Mycology) (M.Sc)
  347. Med Lab Science (Medical Molecular Biology) (M.Sc)
  348. Med Lab Science (Medical Parasitology) (M.Sc)
  349. Med Lab Science (Medical Virology) (M.Sc)
  350. Marketing Management (M.Sc)
  351. Medical Microbiology (M.Sc)
  352. Metallurgy/Material Science/Solar Energy (M.Sc)
  353. Mineral Processing (M.Sc)
  354. Mycology/Plant Pathology (M.Sc)
  355. Medical Sociology And Anthropology (M.Sc)
  356. Pure Mathematics (M.Sc)
  357. Monetary Theory And Policy (M.Sc)
  358. Geography (Urban and Regional Planning) (M.Sc)
  359. Masters in Nursing Services (Reproductive and Family Health)
  360. Organic Chemistry (M.Sc)
  361. Ocular (M.Sc)
  362. Operations Management (M.Sc)
  363. Public Administration (M.Sc)
  364. Plant Biology and Biotechnology (M.Sc)
  365. Physiology and Biochem. (M.Sc)
  366. Plant Biochemistry (M.Sc)
  367. Pharmacognosy (M.Sc)
  368. Protein Chemistry And Enzymology (M.Sc)
  369. Pharmaceutical Chemistry (M.Sc)
  370. Plant Diversity and Conservation (M.Sc)
  371. Petroleum Geology (M.Sc)
  372. Political Geography (M.Sc)
  373. Pharmaceutical Microbiology (M.Sc)
  374. Physical Chemistry (M.Sc)
  375. Masters in Public Health Education
  376. Human Physiology (M.Sc)
  377. Phytomedicine (M.Sc)
  378. Polymer Chemistry (M.Sc)
  379. Preparation And Microbiological Control Of Drug Forms And Environment (M.Sc)
  380. Preparation And Microbiological Control Of Drug Forms And Environment (M.Sc)
  381. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (M.Sc)
  382. Plant Pathogenic Microbiology (M.Sc)
  383. Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology (M.Sc)
  384. Public Sector Economics (M.Sc)
  385. Population Studies (M.Sc)
  386. Pharmacology and Toxicology (M.Sc)
  387. Petroleum Economics (M.Sc)
  388. Pharmacology and Toxicology (M.Sc)
  389. Reproductive Health (M.Sc)
  390. Soil Chemistry/Fertility/Plant Nutrition (M.Sc)
  391. Solution and Gas Kinetics (M.Sc)
  392. Soil Science (Microbiology/Biochemistry) (M.Sc)
  393. Soil Science (M.Sc)
  394. Soil Physics Soil Management and Conservation (M.Sc)
  395. Sedimentology/Sedimentary Geology (M.Sc)
  396. Social Work (M.Sc)
  397. Ind.Chem.Colour Textile Chem. (M.Sc)
  398. Toxicology and Environmental Biochemistry (M.Sc)
  399. Transportation Geography (M.Sc)
  400. Theoretical/Mathematical Physics (M.Sc)
  401. Urban Geography and Regional Planning (M.Sc)
  402. Vision Science (M.Sc)
  403. Wildlife Conservation and Management (M.Sc)
  404. Wood Science and Utilization (M.Sc)
  405. Arts Administration/Management (PGD.)
  406. Arts Administration/Management (PGD.)
  407. Anaesthesiology (PGD.)
  408. Business Management (PGD.)
  409. Chemical Engineering (PGD.)
  410. PGD in Crop Science
  411. PGD in Crop Science (PGD.)
  412. Computer Science (PGD.)
  413. Dramatic Theory and Criticism (PGD.)
  414. Dramatic Theory and Criticism (PGD.)
  415. Education (PGD.)
  416. Education (PT) (PGD.)
  417. Environmental and Public Health Microbiology (PGD.)
  418. Production Engineering (PGD.)
  419. Food and Industrial Microbiology (PGD.)
  420. Health Economics (Reproductive and Child Health) (PGD.)
  421. Mass Communication (PGD.)
  422. Mineral Exploration (PGD.)
  423. Medical Microbiology (PGD.)
  424. Music and Dance (PGD.)
  425. Music and Dance (PGD.)
  426. Natural Resource Management (PGD.)
  427. Public Administration FT (PGD.)
  428. Performance Theory and Praxis (PGD.)
  429. Performance Theory and Praxis (PGD.)
  430. Theory and Criticism of the Arts (PGD.)
  431. Theory and Criticism of the Arts (PGD.)
  432. Technical Education (PGD.)
  433. Technical Education (PT) (PGD.)
  434. Theatre Arts (PGD.)
  435. African Art (Ph.D.)
  436. Animal Science (Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition) (Ph.D.)
  437. Analytical Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  438. Art Criticism (Ph.D.)
  439. Animal and Environmental Biology (Ph.D.)
  440. Animal and Environmental Biology (Entomology) (Ph.D.)
  441. Animal and Environmental Biology (Hydrobiology and Fish Biology) (Ph.D.)
  442. Animal and Environmental Biology (Parasitology) (Ph.D.)
  443. Animal and Environmental Biology (Physiology/Ecotoxicology) (Ph.D.)
  444. Animal and Environmental Biology (Wildlife Ecology) (Ph.D.)
  445. Agricultural Economics (Ph.D.)
  446. Agricultural Extension (Ph.D.)
  447. Mechanical Engineering (Advanced Fluid Mechanics) (Ph.D.)
  448. African Linguistics (Ph.D.)
  449. African Literature (Ph.D.)
  450. Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  451. Anatomy (Ph.D.)
  452. Animal Science (Animal Breeding and Genetics) (Ph.D.)
  453. Animal Science (Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry) (Ph.D.)
  454. Animal Science (Animal Production and Mgt.) (Ph.D.)
  455. Animal Science (Animal Physiology and Reproduction) (Ph.D.)
  456. Ph.D. In Adult And Non-Formal Education
  457. Animal Science (Monogastric Nutrition and Mgt.) (Ph.D.)
  458. Animal Science (Pasture and Range Management) (Ph.D.)
  459. Animal Science (Animal Product, Science and Tech.) (Ph.D.)
  460. Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition and Mgt.) (Ph.D.)
  461. Animal Science (Reproductive Physiology and Artificial Insemination) (Ph.D.)
  462. Animal Science (Ph.D.)
  463. African Oral Literature (Ph.D.)
  464. Mechanical Engineering (Applied Energy) (Ph.D.)
  465. Applied Linguistics (Ph.D.)
  466. Animal Pathogenic Microbiology (Ph.D.)
  467. Aquaculture (Ph.D.)
  468. Biogeography (Ph.D.)
  469. Biochemistry (Ph.D.)
  470. Biology Education (Ph.D.)
  471. Biosystematics (Ph.D.)
  472. Biotechnology (Ph.D.)
  473. Biophysics/Medical Physics/Biomechanics (Ph.D.)
  474. Studies In Biodegradation and Preservation of Phar Prod (Ph.D.)
  475. Studies In Biodegradation and Preservation Of Phar Prod (Ph.D.)
  476. Studies Of Bacterial Resistance To Antib  Agents and Env  Geno (Ph.D.)
  477. Studies Of Bacterial Resistance To Antib  Agents and Env  Geno (Ph.D.)
  478. Brewing Science (Ph.D.)
  479. Business Education (Ph.D.)
  480. Colour Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  481. Computation And Computational Techniques (Ph.D.)
  482. Controlled Drug Delivery (Ph.D.)
  483. Cell Biology (Ph.D.)
  484. Ceramics (Ph.D.)
  485. Civil Engineering(Engineering Structures And Technology) (Ph.D.)
  486. Soil Chemistry/Fertility/Plant Nutrition (Ph.D.)
  487. Chemical Engineering (Ph.D.)
  488. Chemistry Education (Ph.D.)
  489. Caribbean Literature (Ph.D.)
  490. Comparative Education (Ph.D.)
  491. Computer Methodology/Science Computing (Ph.D.)
  492. Clinical Phar-macy (Ph.D.)
  493. Comparative Politics and Development Studies (Ph.D.)
  494. Clinical Pharmacokinetics (Ph.D.)
  495. Clinical Pharmacokinetics (Ph.D.)
  496. Clinical Phar-macy And Phar-macy Practice (Ph.D.)
  497. Clinical Phar-macy And Phar-macy Practice (Ph.D.)
  498. Counseling Psychology (Ph.D.)
  499. Crop Science (Crop Breeding and Genetics) (Ph.D.)
  500. Criminology (Ph.D.)
  501. Crop Protection/Weed Control (Ph.D.)
  502. Crop Science (Ph.D.)
  503. Computer Science (Ph.D.)
  504. Coating Of Solid Dosage Form (Ph.D.)
  505. Civil Engineering(Transportation And Highway Engineering) (Ph.D.)
  506. Curriculum Studies (Ph.D.)
  507. Development Economics (Ph.D.)
  508. Educational Administration (Ph.D.)
  509. European Art (Ph.D.)
  510. EthnoBiochemistry (Ph.D.)
  511. Environmental Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  512. Economics (Ph.D.)
  513. Ecology (Ph.D.)
  514. Econometrics (Ph.D.)
  515. Educational Foundations (Ph.D.)
  516. Philosophy Of Education (Ph.D.)
  517. Environmental/Hydrogeology (Ph.D.)
  518. Electronics (Ph.D.)
  519. Climatology (Ph.D.)
  520. Engineering (Computer Engineering) (Ph.D.)
  521. Engineering Geology (Ph.D.)
  522. English Language (Ph.D.)
  523. Educational Planning (Ph.D.)
  524. Environmental and Public Health Micro. (Ph.D.)
  525. Electrical/Electronics Engineering(Power and Machines) (Ph.D.)
  526. Electrical/Electronics Engineering(Power And Machines) (Ph.D.)
  527. Environmental Plant Physiology (Ph.D.)
  528. Environmental Economics (Ph.D.)
  529. Food Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  530. Fisheries Economics (Ph.D.)
  531. Food and Industrial Microbiology (Ph.D.)
  532. Fisheries (Ph.D.)
  533. French Literature (Ph.D.)
  534. Social Forestry and Extension (Ph.D.)
  535. Silviculture and Tree Improvement (Ph.D.)
  536. Globalization and Development Studies (Ph.D.)
  537. Geophysics/Exploration Geophysics (Ph.D.)
  538. Genetics (Ph.D.)
  539. Geography (Environmental Mgt. and Assessment) (Ph.D.)
  540. Geomorphology (Ph.D.)
  541. Geoinformatics (Ph.D.)
  542. Geology (Ph.D.)
  543. Graphics (Ph.D.)
  544. Civil Engineering(Geotechnical Engineering) (Ph.D.)
  545. Historical/Comparative Linguistics (Ph.D.)
  546. Health Education (Community Health Education) (Ph.D.)
  547. Health Education (Ph.D.)
  548. Health Education (Environmental And Safety Education) (Ph.D.)
  549. Human Kinetics (Ph.D.)
  550. Ph.D in Health Economics (Reproductive and Child Health)
  551. Health Education (School Health Education) (Ph.D.)
  552. History (Ph.D.)
  553. History Of Education (Ph.D.)
  554. Human Kinetics And Sport (Human Kinetics Curriculum) (Ph.D.)
  555. Human Kinetics And Sport (Exercise Physiology) (Ph.D.)
  556. Human Kinetics And Sport (Recreation.Leisure And Tourism) (Ph.D.)
  557. Human Kinetics And Sport (Sport Management) (Ph.D.)
  558. Mechanical Eng(Heat And Mass Transfer Engineering) (Ph.D.)
  559. Human Physiology (Ph.D.)
  560. Health Economics (Ph.D.)
  561. Hydrology And Water Resource Management (Ph.D.)
  562. Inorganic Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  563. Mechanical Eng(Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management) (Ph.D.)
  564. Immunology and Immunochemistry (Ph.D.)
  565. Inactivation of Microorganisms And Immunological Studies (Ph.D.)
  566. Inactivation Of Microorganisms And Immunological Studies (Ph.D.)
  567. Industrial Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  568. International Relations (Ph.D.)
  569. Industrial Sociology and Labour Relations (Ph.D.)
  570. Instructional Technology (Ph.D.)
  571. International Trade And Finance (Ph.D.)
  572. Limnology and Agrology (Ph.D.)
  573. Laws (Ph.D.)
  574. Labour Economics (Ph.D.)
  575. Literature In English (Ph.D.)
  576. Literary Stylistics (Ph.D.)
  577. Mass Communication (Ph.D.)
  578. Medical Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  579. Microbiology (Ph.D.)
  580. Measurement and Evaluation (Ph.D.)
  581. Medical And Clinical Biochemistry (Ph.D.)
  582. Mechanical Eng(Engineering Design And Manufacture) (Ph.D.)
  583. Mechanical Eng(Design And Manufacture) (Ph.D.)
  584. Med Lab Science (Immunology and Immunochemistry) (Ph.D.)
  585. Medical Laboratory Science (Ph.D.)
  586. Med Lab Science (Clinical Chemistry) (Ph.D.)
  587. (Environmental and Public Health) (Ph.D.)
  588. Med Lab Science (Histopathology/Cytopathology) (Ph.D.)
  589. Med Lab Science (Hematology and Transfusion Science) (Ph.D.)
  590. Med Lab Science (Medical Bacteriology/Mycology) (Ph.D.)
  591. Med Lab Science (Medical Molecular Biology) (Ph.D.)
  592. Med Lab Science (Medical Parasitology) (Ph.D.)
  593. Med Lab Science (Medical Virology) (Ph.D.)
  594. Medical Microbiology (Ph.D.)
  595. Metallurgy/Material Science/Solar Energy (Ph.D.)
  596. Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry (Ph.D.)
  597. Mineral Processing (Ph.D.)
  598. Mycology/Plant Pathology (Ph.D.)
  599. Pure Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  600. Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  601. Monetary Theory And Policy (Ph.D.)
  602. Nutrition And Food Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  603. Ph. D in Nursing Services (Reproductive and Family Health) (Ph.D.)
  604. Organic Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  605. Ocular (Ph.D.)
  606. Operating System And System Programming (Ph.D.)
  607. Public Administration (Ph.D.)
  608. Plant Biochemistry (Ph.D.)
  609. Plant Biology and Biotechnology (Ph.D.)
  610. Pharmacognosy (Ph.D.)
  611. Protein Chemistry And Enzymology (Ph.D.)
  612. Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  613. Plant Diversity And Conservation (Ph.D.)
  614. Packaging And Drug Interaction (Ph.D.)
  615. Physics Education (Ph.D.)
  616. Petroleum Engineering (Ph.D.)
  617. Biology Of Parasitic Flowering Plants (Ph.D.)
  618. Political Geography (Ph.D.)
  619. Pharmaceutical Microbiology (Ph.D.)
  620. Pharmacognosy (Ph.D.)
  621. Physical Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  622. Phonology (Ph.D.)
  623. Phytomedicine (Ph.D.)
  624. Production Engineering(Industrial Engineering) (Ph.D.)
  625. Polymer Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  626. Production Engineering (Manufacturing) (Ph.D.)
  627. Painting (Ph.D.)
  628. Plant Physiology And Biochemistry (Ph.D.)
  629. Plant Pathogenic Microbiology (Ph.D.)
  630. Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology (Ph.D.)
  631. Production Engineering (Ph.D.)
  632. Population Studies (Ph.D.)
  633. Public Sector Economics (Ph.D.)
  634. Psycholinguistics (Ph.D.)
  635. Pharmacology and Toxicology (Ph.D.)
  636. Petroleum Economics (Ph.D.)
  637. Powder/Tableting Technology (Ph.D.)
  638. Mechanical Engineering(Refrigeration and AC) (Ph.D.)
  639. Rural and Community Development (Ph.D.)
  640. Ph.D in Public Health (Reproductive Health)
  641. Reproductive Health (Ph.D.)
  642. Rural Land Resource Management (Ph.D.)
  643. Rheological Studies Of Liquid and Semi-Solid Formulations (Ph.D.)
  644. Sourcing and Assessment Of Local Phrcal Raw Materials (Ph.D.)
  645. Sculpture (Ph.D.)
  646. Semantics (Ph.D.)
  647. Solution and Gas Kinetics (Ph.D.)
  648. Social Studies Education (Ph.D.)
  649. Sociolinguistics (Ph.D.)
  650. Soil Science (Soil Physics) (Ph.D.)
  651. Soil Science (Ph.D.)
  652. Social Psychology (Ph.D.)
  653. Stability Studies (Ph.D.)
  654. Structures and Tech (Ph.D.)
  655. Social Work (Ph.D.)
  656. Syntax (Ph.D.)
  657. Textile Chem. (Ph.D.)
  658. Textile Design (Ph.D.)
  659. Toxicology And Environmental Biochemistry (Ph.D.)
  660. Transportation Geography (Ph.D.)
  661. Theatre Arts (Ph.D.)
  662. Theoretical/Mathematical Physics (Ph.D.)
  663. Mechanical Engineering(Thermal Pw Eng) (Ph.D.)
  664. Urban Geography and Regional Planning (Ph.D.)
  665. Vision Science (Ph.D.)
  666. Wildlife Conservation and Management (Ph.D.)
  667. Women Education (Ph.D.)
  668. Civil Engineering(Water Res and Env Health Eng) (Ph.D.)
  669. Wood Science Utilization. (Ph.D.)

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