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What are the 9 Social Science Subjects in WAEC?

social science subjects for waec

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What are the 9 Social Science Subjects in WAEC?

Some secondary school students only know about science subjects and Art-related subjects, not knowing that there are actually social science subjects for specific courses/professions.

For students who are aspiring to study social science courses in the future, it is important to keep in mind that the questions for your final year examination will be drawn from the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) subjects taken by students of the arts stream.

The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) is one of Nigeria’s biggest examinations, and yearly, students who want to further their education in Nigeria or in a foreign country are required to participate in the examination.

Each aspiring WAEC candidate is required to submit a maximum of 9 WAEC subjects. Nine (9) subjects are the maximum number any candidate sitting for the WAEC examination can choose, and this rule applies to social science students too.

social science subjects for waec

General Social Science Subjects.

These Social Science subjects below are generally accepted by tertiary institutions in Nigeria and are different from Arts and Science subjects.


Nine (9) Core Social Science subjects in WAEC.

In the WAEC examination, Social science students are mandated to choose a maximum of 9 subjects, and a minimum of 8 subjects, it totally depends on what you need.

However, if you need my professional advice, I’d recommend you always select the maximum number of subjects for your WAEC, you never know how important that extra subject will be in the future.

There are more than 20 possible subjects that are available for art students to fill in the necessary subjects required by the WAEC examination board.

The art subjects compulsorily include all of either of the following:

  1. English Language,
  2. Commerce,
  3. Geography,
  4. Mathematics,
  5. Economics,
  6. Accounting,
  7. Commerce,
  8. Marketing,
  9. Christian Religious Knowledge,
  10. Agriculture.
  11. One trade subject.

These above-listed subjects are mandatory for every social science student aspiring to participate in the upcoming WAEC examination. If you noticed, there are a total of 11 subjects above, you should select the social science subjects that are related to the course you want to study in the University/Polytechnics.

Recommended For You.

There are other subjects that can substitute any of the above-listed social science subjects. They include:

  1. Agricultural science
  2. Biology
  3. Arabic studies
  4. French
  5. Music
  6. Accounting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students aiming to study any social science course in a tertiary institution in Nigeria, should know that some academic institutions may LIKELY NOT accept all of the above as Social Science subjects. For example, the University of Ibadan, the University of Lagos, and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka have different choices of social science subjects.

Schools Social Science Subjects
UI Economics, Government, Geography.
UNILAG Economics, Government, Geography, Commerce.
UNN Economics, Government, Geography, Commerce, Accounting.

Current List of WAEC New Trade Subjects in 2024.

  1. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.
  2. Animal Husbandry.
  3. Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting.
  4. Auto Electrical Work.
  5. Auto Mechanical Work.
  6. Automobile Parts Merchandising.
  7. Block Laying, Brick Laying, and Concreting Work.
  8. Book-Keeping.
  9. Carpentry and Joinery.
  10. Catering Craft Practice.
  11. Cosmetology.
  12. Data Processing.
  13. Dyeing and Bleaching.
  14. Electrical Installation and Maintenance Works.
  15. Fisheries.
  16. Furniture Making.
  17. GSM Phone Maintenance and Repair.
  18. Garment Making.
  19. Leather Goods Manufacturing and Repairs.
  20. Machine Woodworking.
  21. Marketing.
  22. Mining.
  23. Painting and Decorating.
  24. Photography.
  25. Plumbing and Pipe Fitting.
  26. Printing Craft Practice.
  27. Radio, Television, and Electronic Works.
  28. Salesmanship.
  29. Stenography.
  30. Store Keeping.
  31. Tourism.
  32. Upholstery.
  33. Welding and Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice.

List of Social Science and Management Courses.

  • Accountancy.
  • Actuarial Science.
  • Business Management/Management Science.
  • Business Administration.
  • Public Administration.
  • Public Administration and Local Government.
  • Marketing.
  • Insurance.
  • Transport Planning And Management.
  •  Economics.
  • Economics with Statistics.
  • Economics and Development Studies.
  • Economics with Operation Research.
  • Peace and Development Studies.
  • Criminology and Penology.
  • Criminology.
  • Criminology and Security Studies.
  • Banking and Finance.
  • Geography.
  • Geography & Regional Planning.
  • Mass Communication.
  • Political Science.
  • Political and Administrative Studies.
  • Political Science and International Relations.
  • Political Science and International Studies.
  • Political Science and Conflict Resolution.
  • Political Science and Defence Studies.
  • Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution.
  • Conflict and Peace Resolution.
  • Peace and Conflict Studies.
  • Government and Public Administration.
  • Philosophy.
  • Psychology.
  • Religious Studies.
  • Sociology.
  • Sociology and Anthropology.
  • Social Work.
  • International Relations.
  • International Relations and Diplomacy.
  • International Studies.
  • International Studies and Diplomacy.
  • International and Comparative Politics.
  • International Relationship & Strategic Studies.
  • History and International Relations.
  • International Relations and Human Resource Management.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Criminology and Security Studies.
  • Demography and Social Statistics.

English Language and Mathematics as compulsory Social Science subjects in WAEC.

The two most popular subjects for every secondary school student are English Language and Mathematics. These two subjects are important components for students who are interested in knowing the WAEC subjects for social science.

Social Science subjects in WAEC FAQ.

Is Language compulsory in social science subjects?

The answer is No. Candidates can choose to add any Language of their choice to their WAEC subjects. However, it is not mandatory that social science student must add a language subject to their list of WAEC subjects.

How many trade subjects can a Social science student register in WAEC?

Social science students are advised to register for only one trade subject. However, the WAEC board are yet to disclose whether it is compulsory or not that one must add a trade subject. If you are to ask me, I’ll recommend you add at least, one trade subject.

Right now, we have at least, thirty-three (33) trade subjects for selection in WAEC. However, I’ll advise all social science students to choose only one trade subject to avoid the stress of sitting for both the theory and practical examinations, as all trade subjects feature a practical session.

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