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What are the 9 Science Subjects in WAEC? 9 Compulsory Science Subjects in WAEC 2024

Here is the 2024/2025 List of all WAEC-approved nine (9) Subjects for science students. With current changes in the Nigerian educational system, most candidates are confused about the WAEC standard compulsory subjects, and for this main reason, I’ve decided to write on the WAEC science subjects for the 2024/2025 academic session.

In every secondary school especially in the Western educational system adopted and used in Nigeria, there are different subject areas available for secondary school students, and they are: science, arts, and commercial subjects.

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However, the topic of today is WAEC science subjects, so our major focus today will be on the 9 mandatory science subjects in WAEC.

Those subjects are to be chosen by senior secondary school students who are preparing to write the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) examination, and the selection of these science subjects should be according to their strengths and weaknesses in different subjects, and their future dream profession.

The logic behind this, aside from the fact that it gives students the choice to choose their course, is to help students who perform better in science-inclined courses, go for science courses, whereas students who perform better in arts subjects, go for art-related professions. The same ideology applies to commercial students too.

The 9 Core Science Subjects in WAEC.

In the WAEC examination, candidates can choose a maximum of 9 subjects and a minimum of 7 subjects, unlike in Art core subjects where the minimum number of subjects to choose for WAEC is eight (8).

This minimum number of subjects gives students the opportunity, leverage and advantage who don’t want to register for more subjects that are not related to the course they want to study in the tertiary institution, not minding the repercussions or benefits of doing so.

These are the compulsory Science Subjects required to be registered by all science students. They are:

  1. English language.
  2. Mathematics.
  3. Civic Education.
  4. Economics.
  5. A trade or vocational subject.

These 5 categories of subjects have been mandated to be in the WAEC subject selection of every science student, although there are few exceptions, as always.

Let’s not forget that the WAEC board has disclosed that for every candidate registering for the WAEC examination, you can register up to a maximum of 9 subject combinations, especially for science students.

The 9 Science Subjects in WAEC are:

  1. English.
  2. Mathematics.
  3. Agricultural Science or Economics.
  4. Physics.
  5. Biology.
  6. Chemistry.
  7. Geography.
  8. Civic Education.
  9. A trade subject.

2024 WAEC Compulsory Subjects For All Candidates (General).

The general subjects that are compulsory and important for every WAEC candidate are:

  • English Language.
  • Mathematics.
  • Civic Education.
  • Economics (optional for some candidates).
  • Trade Subject.

Take note.

These science subjects listed below are generally accepted by tertiary institutions in Nigeria and are different from Social Science or Arts subjects.

Accepted Science subjects

They include;

  • Further Mathematics
  • Human Biology
  • Agricultural Science
  • Hygiene & Psychology
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Botany
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics with Chemistry
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Pure & Applied Mathematics
  • Food Science
  • Rural Biology
  • General Biology
  • Rural Science
  • General Science
  • Statistics
  • Geology
  • Zoology
  • Geography


Some schools may NOT accept all of the above as Science subjects.

Schools with specific Science subjects

The schools below accept ONLY the Science subjects listed in their names as the table below shows.

Schools Science Subjects
UI Agricultural Science Geology
Further Mathematics Mathematics with Statistics
Pure Maths/Applied Maths
UNILAG Agricultural Science Mathematics
Pure Maths/Applied Maths
Further Mathematics


What is A Trade Subject?

In WAEC, we have more than thirty (30) trade subjects available for every WAEC candidate to choose from, meaning that WAEC candidates (in this case, science students) are given the option to have a trade or vocational subject in their list of subjects combination.

Just like Mathematics and English Language which are 100% compulsory for all WAEC candidates (both Art and Science students), the trade or vocational subject in WAEC is also compulsory. However, if you choose not to add a trade subject to your WAEC list of subjects, there are other options you can easily explore, and they include:

  1. Languages (Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba).
  2. Further Mathematics.
  3. Technical drawing.

Current List of WAEC 33 New Trade Subjects in 2024

  1. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.
  2. Animal Husbandry.
  3. Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting.
  4. Auto Electrical Work.
  5. Auto Mechanical Work.
  6. Automobile Parts Merchandising.
  7. Block Laying, Brick Laying, and Concreting Work.
  8. Book-Keeping.
  9. Carpentry and Joinery.
  10. Catering Craft Practice.
  11. Cosmetology.
  12. Data Processing.
  13. Dyeing and Bleaching.
  14. Electrical Installation and Maintenance Works.
  15. Fisheries.
  16. Furniture Making.
  17. GSM Phone Maintenance and Repair.
  18. Garment Making.
  19. Leather Goods Manufacturing and Repairs.
  20. Machine Woodworking.
  21. Marketing.
  22. Mining.
  23. Painting and Decorating.
  24. Photography.
  25. Plumbing and Pipe Fitting.
  26. Printing Craft Practice.
  27. Radio, Television, and Electronic Works.
  28. Salesmanship.
  29. Stenography.
  30. Store Keeping.
  31. Tourism.
  32. Upholstery.
  33. Welding and Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice.

Core WAEC Subjects for Science Students FAQ.

waec core 9 subjects for science students

Is it compulsory for science students to write trade subjects?

Yes. WAEC management has disclosed that every WAEC candidate must register at least one vocational subject in their WAEC subjects combination.

Is animal husbandry a compulsory subject for science students?

No. Animal husbandry is and has never been among the list science subjects that are compulsory in WAEC. However, it is among the list of a trade or vocational subject.

What Is A Trade Subject in WAEC?

Trade Subject means the obligation, curve, or instrument that is the subject of a Trade. One can also define a trade subject as subject that is closely related to trade.

Final Conclusion on Core WAEC Science Subjects.

Finally, I would love to conclude by saying that for every science student sitting for the WAEC examination, take note that there is a stipulated number of subjects that you are supposed to register for, and there are compulsory subjects that you must add to your WAEC subjects when registering for the examination as a science student.

However, the list of subjects you choose as a Science student writing WAEC must however, contain one elective subject, known as trade or vocational subjects.

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