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20 Hidden JAMB Secrets To Score High in Your 2024 Exams

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20 Hidden JAMB Secrets To Score High in Your 2024 Exams

Some JAMB secrets are bound to make those who know about it angry if I reveal them to anyone, but I did it anyway, to help candidates avoid rewriting JAMB twice or again. Here are what most candidates don’t know about the examination and How you can help yourself by scoring high and getting admitted into any school/course you applied for during your JAMB registration.

Since you are on this page and reading this piece, congrats. You are among the lucky ones to have found this hidden gem, and I hope you share it with those you love and want to see them succeed in JAMB.

If you have questions about any of these JAMB secrets, do not hesitate to reach out through the comment section.

Top JAMB Secrets You Need To Know.

  1. The JAMB examination is not as hard as people are making it out to be. It’s quite simple.
  2. It is practically impossible to score 400 on the JAMB examination. The Highest JAMB score ever recorded is 398.
  3. JAMB doesn’t give scholarship awards to the best students. Only the government and NGOs do.
  4. The timer used during your JAMB CBT Examination is faster than the real-time.
  5. JAMB doesn’t use negative marking schemes.
  6. In the JAMB exam, candidates are allowed to always come back to questions they skipped.
  7. JAMB sets thousands of questions per year. The system will shuffle it for different candidates.
  8. God will only help you if you have done your part (studying).
  9. It is impossible to upgrade your JAMB result (score). You are just going to lose cash to cheap scammers.
  10. Early preparation will help immensely and reduce the workload when studying for JAMB.
  11. Cramming doesn’t work in JAMB. The best JAMB candidates read and understand what they read.
  12. The calculator in JAMB is very simple and incapable of solving complex problems in mathematics and physics.
  13. There is absolutely nothing like Expo in JAMB. Avoid getting scams. However, you can only be helped by those in the examination hall who know the question automatically selected for you. (Check No.7)
  14. In the examination hall, it is very possible that the person sitting next to you can implicate you, be smart.
  15. Go through the textbooks recommended by JAMB, not something else.
  16. The JAMB syllabus is very helpful. It helps you know what topics to read for that year’s JAMB exam.
  17. JAMB sometimes repeats past or previous questions, However, the JAMB past questions usually don’t come in the same format.
  18. The questions for those on Monday can be entirely different from candidates writing the same subjects on Tuesday’s examination.
  19. Don’t guess answers. To get the best possible answer to any question, simply eliminate options that do not correlate with the question one by one until you finally choose the best answer.
  20. The best way to remember formulas, concepts, etc., is to solve as many questions as possible. Make sure that you finish the questions in your textbooks and JAMB past questions before your JAMB exam date.

What is the hardest Subject in JAMB?

There is nothing like JAMB’s hardest subject. Mathematics may be my hardest subject because I don’t understand it well, while it will be the best and easiest subject for another candidate. Honestly, the hardest subject in JAMB examination is the subject you didn’t prepare well for.

However, it is possible to say that subjects involving calculations, such as Physics, Maths, and Accounting, tend to be more difficult than other subjects, and this is because you need to be quick in your calculation as JAMB does not give extra time to anyone.

The sincere truth is that once you’re prepared for your four subject combinations, none of them will be hard when you see the questions, because you’re prepared and already anticipating them.

Is JAMB luck?

JAMB is not luck. The same thing applies to other exams like WAEC and NECO. The difference is grace. Some candidate’s questions may likely be difficult. Don’t forget that the system is built to shuffle questions from a huge library of questions for different candidates.

No doubt some candidates are quite lucky to have good scores even without studying for the examination, because their questions may be easier than others.

When it comes to whether JAMB is luck or not, I always advise JAMBites that no matter how much you study or prepare for the JAMB examination, always pray for the grace, mercy, and favour of God.

JAMB Cheat Code in 2024

If you are among the candidates searching for a JAMB cheat code for the 2024 examination, sorry to burst your bubble, but there is nothing like a JAMB cheat code website or something that provides you with an instant cheat code that will make you pass the JAMB examination. You should know that there are no shortcuts to success, and the same goes for JAMB.

The only JAMB cheat code I know is this JAMB secret I am sharing on this page because it gives you concrete details and information that will help you understand JAMB better.

The only cheat code I have for JAMB candidates is this:

Study hard, study like your life depends on it. Understand what you are reading, let the syllabus be your map.

The cheat code for JAMB is reading the JAMB syllabus and JAMB past questions.

How to Pass JAMB Without Studying?

I think it’s impossible to Pass JAMB without studying, don’t follow people saying they scored high in JAMB without studying, most of those people are brilliant and their brains can easily remember what they were taught in school. Remember, nothing beats hard work, not even talent.

To score high and get better grades in JAMB, there’s no cheat code to achieving this, You have to study; that’s the only way to get admitted into your preferred institution and selected course. Studying is not hard. Stop procrastinating and start reading.

How to score 400 in JAMB 2024

No one has done it yet, in the history of JAMB, but records are made to be broken, right? If your aim is to score 400 in JAMB, you must understand that in JAMB, time is of utmost importance. You have to answer all questions accurately and be the most intelligent.

But if you fail to score 400, there’s the likelihood that you will be among the top 10 candidates with Highest JAMB score in 2024,

As someone who has written JAMB and helped thousands of Nigerian students, both foreigners writing JAMB get their preferred course and institution, I’ll confidently tell you that no tertiary institution will reject you or change your course if you score 300 and above in JAMB.

How Does JAMB Set Their Questions?

JAMB questions are set by experienced teachers, lecturers, and professors. Let’s say, for example, English Language. Experienced teachers, lecturers and professors of English will be contacted and asked to set questions from the secondary school syllabus. They may not know themselves, but they’ll work together to achieve a common goal, testing secondary school leavers with questions picked from their SS1 – SS3 classes.

They set the questions for different topics in the UTME syllabus. There’s no copy-and-paste work; new questions are created annually in JAMB.

Although there is the possibility of JAMB repeating the questions used in the previous years, it certainly won’t be in the same format, But you will understand that the answer is still the same.

This is one of the most important JAMB secrets in 2024 that candidates who know this, have cracked the code and understand how the JAMB system works.

Is the JAMB Syllabus important?

The JAMB syllabus is one of the most important guides students should go through if they want to excel in the JAMB examination.

If you want to excel, endeavour you cover all the topics in the syllabus that are related to the four subjects you picked during your JAMB registration. No stone should be left unturned. Don’t forget that some questions in this year’s JAMB examination will come from the JAMB syllabus.

Share this article about JAMB secrets with your friends and colleagues; sharing is caring.

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