Jamb Result Upgrading 2021

Jamb 2021 Result Upgrading: 2021 JAMB Result Upgrading and Boosting of Jamb Scores? Is it possible?

Jamb Frauds: How To Upgrade My Jamb Result And Boost My Jamb Score?
The Whole Truth In This Issue.
Truly, I took out my time to search for this information, after receiving hundreds of emails from Jambites who wants to know if it is possible to upgrade and boost their jamb score.

Well, Jambcbtresult.org is officially stating that it’s never possible!  You can not pay someone to upgrade your jamb score for you, because IT IS NEVER POSSIBLE.

Do not even think about it, else, you might fall a victim to Another Nigeria fraud method, to take your hard earn money without fulfilling a promise that is very impossible.

This is a very interesting topic or issue, and we, You and Me, will be dealing with the pros and cant’s on the issue, that says, Jamb Result Upgrading and Boosting, how possible is it?

upgrade jamb result 2020

Jamb Result upgrading and jamb Score boasting can be defined as an act of boosting scores of candidates to a figure far above the required cut-off marks of their institution.

The truth behind this issue is this:

Firstly, it is illegal, No one can do it, and the JAMB body does not support it. Those caught upgrading their result will be arrested.

Apart from the fact that We do not indulge ourselves in matters that are illegal and do not put to stake, our Honor to uphold justice and honor, It is never possible to upgrade or boost your jamb score or result.

When we received this mails from our beloved readers, we searched and found out that, a recent interview with a prominent Jamb Official on the issue that says how to Boast and Upgrade my Jamb score or result

Following up with this interview, this prominent jamb official, said that, if any jamb result upgrade was actually being practiced, Then it’s a lie, following the processes involved in marking scripts and the short time frame of the release of jamb results, upgrading and boasting jamb scores, is and will never be possible!.

It’s no big news again, that there are several people today, who comes to the cyber world offering impossible and incredible services to candidates, as you will begin to notice during these few days. Actually, I have seen a girl, who went ahead to pay in the Sum of 20,000 Naira to an Account held in Union Bank, to someone to help her upgrade her jamb score.

upgrade jamb result 2020

Now, the question I ask myself is this.

What power do these so-called ‘jamb upgraders and jamb score Boaster wield in jamb headquarter, to edit a Result that has already been filled in Jamb Database?’

The fact remains that, anyone, whoever told you that they can upgrade your jamb result and boast your jamb score is awarded the 2021 SCAMMERS of the year!.

We’re using this opportunity to inform and issue out a note of warning, that you should not listen to anyone who talks of Upgrading your Jamb Result and score, because that is not possible.

This so call Jamb result upgrade ‘ers’ and result boast’ers’ will end up taking your money, then they will start cooking up something that looks like the original Jamb Result, and in the end, you will be disappointed, adding to your frustration.


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