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2023 JAMB Data Correction and How To Correct Registration Mistakes (Names, Age, DOB, Email, Phone Number)

Did you noticed any mistake in your JAMB data, or want to change some data, like Name, date of birth, phone number, email, etc? Let me show you, how you can quickly resolve any of these issues without much stress.

This page covers everything you need to know about JAMB Data Correction or JAMB registration mistakes and how you can correct them.

No doubt, sometimes, it won’t be your fault, because the CBT centre staff typing in the details may have overworked or are tired for the day. Anyways, now isn’t the time to apportion blames, rather, it’s time to provide viable solution. Since the commencement of the UTME registration, candidates have reached out to our team, asking for guide on how to correct different mistakes they’ve made during the JAMB registration, all these mistakes can be corrected if you use the proper guide.

During registration, make sure that you confirm all data filled by the CBT worker in the JAMB CBT centre you went for to register your JAMB before they submit the registration. Correction of JAMB data/information cost you both your time and money.

You can’t just walk into any JAMB CBT centre and ask for data correction on your profile/UTME registered account. Rather, you will use the money to make the data correction, although it is very much affordable.

How Much is JAMB Data Correction?

You will be charged just N2,500.00 (two thousand five hundred naira) for JAMB data correction.

List of JAMB Registration Mistakes that you can correct.

This is the list of JAMB registration mistakes that you can correct through the JAMB data correction page. All 2023/2024 candidates who noticed any mistake in their JAMB profile, can perform correction for the following data group as listed below.

Kindly note that you need to make payment first, via your JAMB Profile before you can carry out any of these corrections. You can’t do it yourself, rather, you must visit the nearest JAMB Centre for correction.

  1. Names Correction (can only be done once)
  2. Passport Photograph Correction (can only be done once)
  3. Gender Correction (can only be done once)
  4. UTME Subjects Combination Correction (can only be done once)
  5. Date Of Birth correction ( can only be done once)
  6. State/LGA Correction (Correction can only be done once)
  7. Profile Correction (Correction can only be done once)
  8. Choice of Institution/Course Correction (Correction can only be done twice, but you must make separate payments.

JAMB Correction Of Data For Those Who Have Lost Their Sim

1. Since the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) management introduced the use of OTP in place of biometrics verification, there’s been noticeable changes to JAMB data correction implementation.

2. The JAMB Board introduced the use of OTP (One Time Password) before a candidate can change their data. The OTP will be sent to candidate’s registered phone number in place of biometrics verification. Before going to any CBT Centre to change any data, you must go with your registered phone number.

Any candidate who wants to change their data must provide an OTP to the JAMB CBT centre operator before correction of data can be carried out on the candidate’s UTME/DE registration profile.

3. However, for candidates who no longer have access to the same SIM (phone number) they used for UTME/DE registration, here’s the best solution.

a. The candidate must approach any of the JAMB offices in person (not by proxy) as this service can only be carried out in JAMB Offices/Professional Test Centres (PTCs) Nationwide;

b. While in the JAMB Office, the candidate will be required to provide their JAMB registration number, email, and GSM number the candidate used either for UTME or DE registration. Take note that the JAMB official who will be performing the correction will directs the system to RESEND the OTP through email. (Ensure you go with a smartphone where you can easily access the email address you used for registration).

d. The candidate is required to print out a copy of the email containing the OTP;

e. The candidate affixes a copy of his/her passport photograph to the printed email and presents it to the JAMB Official carrying out the change of phone number.

f. The JAMB Official will need to confirm that the same person whose picture is affixed on the OTP printed email, is the same person whose picture is displayed on the screen. After the confirmation, the JAMB official can then proceed to complete the correction of data.

g. Finally, according to JAMB publication, a copy of the printed email with the candidate’s passport attached to it must remain at the JAMB Office for any candidate whose correction of data was carried out with OTP sent through email.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The JAMB registrar has made it mandatory that the correction of data should be done by someone else. It’s mandatory that the candidate who wants to perform a data correction should be present.


You need to visit either the JAMB office or JAMB Accredited Centre near you to perform your JAMB Data Correction.

JAMB efacility Login page

  • Log into your JAMB dashboard, click on the link that reads “Application for Correction of Data

JAMB profile dashboard

  • Wait while a page load up, showing you different types of errors candidates can change.
  • This page contains various corrections you can carry out, including JAMB change of institution, courses, change of gender, change of state and LGA, change of DOB, and names.
  • Select any of the correction you want and click on it.
  • After clicking on it, you will be taken to a page where you can edit any information based on your choice and payment page, where you will need to pay for the data correction.
  • After successful payment, you will be redirected back to the data correction page, where you can confirm the changes you want to implement, and click on Submit.

Final Conclusion.

This, my friend, is how you can easily change the mistakes you noticed in your JAMB profile page. If you have any questions, inquiries regarding JAMB data corrections, simply use the comment box below to reach out to us.

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