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Highest JAMB Score in 2021 JAMB Examination

Every year, the same question on the lips of parents, and especially JAMBites is: “Highest JAMB score”, and this year is no difference. Here, I’ll be answering the question of “highest JAMB score for 2021”.

This year’s (2021) JAMB has been ladden with various issues never faced by the board before. First, both Parents and candidates are saying the questions are not from the JAMB syllabus, and the SMS method for checking JAMB result isn’t working.

Here are the 6 states in Nigeria that produce the highest scorers in JAMB.

  1. Ekiti State.
  2. Ondo State.
  3. Akwa Ibom State.
  4. Kwara State.
  5. Oyo State.
  6. Ogun State.

Top 10 highest JAMB score 2021.

Here are the Highest JAMB Scores recorded for 2021. However, before sharing the names of candidates with the highest JAMB score in 2021, lets look back at those who score the highest in 2020.

The highest scores officially recorded by the Board are 365, 363, 359 (scored by two candidates) 358, 356, 355 (scored by two candidates), 353, 352 (scored by four candidates).

Back to the present, Who has the highest score in JAMB 2021? (The Highest scorer)

Here are the names of the candidates and scores obtained are shown below;

  • Maduafokwa Egoagwuagwu Agnes – 365.
  • Nwobi Okwuchukwu David – 363.
  • Ojuba Mezisashe Shalom – 359.
  • Elikwu, Victor Chukwuemeka – 359.
  • Adebola Oluwatobi Paul – 358.
  • Gboyega Oluwatobiloba Enoch – 356.
  • Ojo Samuel Oluwatobi – 355.
  • Utulu, Jebose George – 355.
  • Osom Akan Awesome – 353.
  • Akakabota Fejiro Simeon – 352.
  • Ogundele Favour Jesupemi – 352.
  • Alatise Monsurah Bisola. – 352.
  • Adelaja Oluwasemilore Daniel – 352.

The Lowest JAMB Score in 2021?

The lowest JAMB score in history is 11.

The information of the candidate was not disclosed to the public. But that had been the lowest JAMB Score ever recorded.

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