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How To Change JAMB Email Address and Link It in 2 Minutes

Do you want to change your JAMB email address or you are currently wondering how you can change your JAMB email address for the 2024/2025 academic session?

Here is a simple guide I personally used in changing the email address I used in JAMB for free without paying anyone or JAMB. You can do it yourself too.

If there was a mistake with your registration or there was a misspelling in your email address that is currently connected to your JAMB account or profile for various reasons, these are some of the reasons why you may likely want to change your JAMB email address but are not limited to:

  1. Experienced difficulty while trying to recover your JAMB profile password. The only way JAMB can send you a link to create another password is to your email address. Without an email account you can access, it is practically impossible to reset your JAMB account password.
  2. During your JAMB registration, either you or the CBT Centre staff made a mistake in the email address you used. This is the #1 reason why candidates want to change their email addresses connected to their JAMB profile.
  3. Your email provider/host have a bad sever. Emails that are  I highly recommend for candidates to use in their JAMB registration is Gmail and YahooMail! They are practically the best in the market right now, and it’s 100% FREE.

Update For 2024 Candidates: It is now practically impossible to have a JAMB profile without an email address. It’s mandatory that all candidates must link their email address to their JAMB profile before logging into the portal.

Can I Change My JAMB Email Address?

Yes, you can change your JAMB email address, but not always. You can only change your email address once. Endeavour to have an email address you can always access and easy to remember.

Easy Guide on How To Change JAMB Email Address.

NOTE: Although you can change your email address in your JAMB profile, candidates should note that the email address displayed on their JAMB dashboard, examination, or registration slip; it cannot be modified.

But there is a solution to it.

  1. Check the email address on your registration slip or the portal.
  2. Write the email address fully on a sheet of paper, and make sure there’s no mistakes.
  3. Now go to the email service provider (if it ends in, you will use it and so on).
  4. Click on “Create new email.”
  5. Enter the email you wrote on a sheet of paper and check whether it is available.
  6. If available, quickly register that email, verify your phone number, and accept the terms and conditions.

Short Note on This:

Since most times it a mistake, there’s the possibility that the email address used for your JAMB registration is free. After registering the email address, you will be able to receive emails from JAMB regarding your payments, admission offers, and use it when you want to change your JAMB account password.

The Email address was Unavailable?

If you tried the email address and it says the email address you entered is unavailable, there’s nothing else you can do on that side. The next viable option is to  visit any JAMB CBT centre near you, or you can contact JAMB via their X/Twitter account or create a ticket on JAMB support site.

How To Link JAMB with Email in 2023

  1. Linking your JAMB with Email address is done via SMS. Ensure you used the Number you used while creating your JAMB account (during your JAMB registration) to send this text message.
  2. Linking your JAMB with email is simple. Simply send your Email address to 55019 in this format: Email
  3. N.B: Replace with your valid email address and send it to 55019 as an SMS.
  4. Make sure you have you have airtime on your SIM, at least, N50, this service will cost you, N50.
  5. After the message have been successfully sent, the email address will be linked to your JAMB account, and a password will be sent to your phone number via SMS from 55019 too.
  6. Head over to the JAMB portal, type in the email address you recently linked and the password sent to you to sign in to your JAMB portal.

Can I use the same email Twice for JAMB?

Yes it is possible. But very unwise and NOT Advisable for you to create a new JAMB profile with the same email address. I’ll recommend you simply use a new email address for the registration.

Candidates should endeavor to avoid using the same email address and/or phone number they used during the JAMB registration/profile creation, it will bring you a huge load of issue and resolving it will take time and money.

Final Conclusion.

Did you encounter any issues with the process of changing your JAMB email address? Do not hesitate to reach us via the comment section below.

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